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The Girl Who Gave Birth to a Cat

Format: Book | Adobe PDF
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Macondo Books
Length: 112 pages
File Size: 1.2 MB

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PhilosophyCenter | Overview  

PhilosophyCenter | The Girl Who Gave Birth to a CatArcadia is a seaport settlement nestled along the coast of the Mediterranean, a fishing village where the dead can come back to life and the sky rain blood— a sad, anachronistic destination serviced by a train that never arrives. When these and other bizarre events erupt, the townspeople fall prey to superstitious thinking and tribal values. In this, they doom themselves. Arcadia vanishes one day when a tramontana comes sweeping down from the neighboring mountains, blowing away the trees and shops and erasing its history forever.

This extraordinary collection of short "philosophical fiction" by our director, Philip Golabuk, is your ticket to a remarkable destination where magic is commonplace because the commonplace is magical.

En Route to Arcadia
A Mother’s Love
Ice and Fire
Jacob’s Storm
Leonardo the Thief
The Aquarium Painter
The Bleeding Sky
The Empathic Twins.
The Girl Who Gave Birth to a Cat
The Mad Dog of Arcadia
The Posthumous Fate of Father Demosthenes
The Man Who Was Too Stupid to Die
The Last Word

PhilosophyCenter | Introduction   "Arcadia is a fictional village inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Macondo. Marquez, who it was said wrote with a 'witch's pen,' was a master of the Latin-American literary style of magical realism, in which the mundane and the supernatural converge, depicting a world where ancestral ghosts argue in the next room, a blue-eyed dog is taught to weep at the grave of its owner, and children left alone for the afternoon drown in a room flooded by light. The stories in this collection are written in this style as an homage to Marquez and as a reminder that there is an element of eeriness that runs through even the most commonplace events, and that the facade of the everyday that we take for granted can be shattered at any moment by the impossible."

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