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The Luck Factor

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PhilosophyCenter | Overview   PhilosophyCenterLuck isn't a matter of chance alone, but of how we live. Just as hubris tends to bring about unwanted, even tragic consequences, so does fate favor the humble person. While we can't manipulate our fate through an act of will, predict even the next moment with certainty, or guarantee specific outcomes, we are free to meet whatever comes our way in a spirit of willingness and collaboration, and through the creative reach of our character, improve our luck and our lot. The Luck Factor explores this elusive subject with a focus on clarifying the role we play in shaping our luck and how we can use proven principles and practices of applied philosophy to discover the source of happiness within ourselves, turn even adversity to our advantage, and meet good fortune halfway.

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The central premise of this remarkable curriculum is that the "state of our soul," as Socrates talks about it, has a creative reach that directly affects our fate for good or ill. For the "well-ordered soul," all things further and every adversity becomes an instrument of good fortune, while for one whose soul is disordered, even the good things we all seek become curses.

At the entrance to good fortune stand two doors facing each other. It is up to us to open our door and keep it open, so that in the unexpected hour when the door on the other side opens, the way will be clear for serendipitous events, happy coincidences, propitious timings, and good fortune to find us.

PhilosophyCenter | Syllabus   Introduction

Week 1 | Luck and the Five Points
Luck and Truthfulness
Luck and Innocence
Luck and Showing Up
Luck and Diligence
Luck and Dialogue

Week 2 | The Disordered Soul

Week 3 | Meeting Fortune Halfway

Week 4 | Nonresistance
The Wisdom of Following
Declaring Amnesty
Living in the Present
Dying to Live

Week 5 | Nonattachment
The Tyranny of Hubris
Releasing the Will
Chaotic Collaboration

Week 6 | Beginner's Mind
The Daimon
The World as Teacher
Following Bread Crumbs
The Hero's Journey

In Closing

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