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The Well-Ordered Soul

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PhilosophyCenter | Overview   PhilosophyCenter | The Well-Ordered SoulPhilosophyCenter clients and students around the world are discovering the tremendous benefits of practical philosophy, and so can you! The Well-Ordered Soul, written by our founding director, Philip Golabuk, lays out a simple, five-point program for living well in six illuminating lessons that many have found life-changing. Based on the tiimeless wisdom of the ancient Greeks, The Well-Ordered Soul is a comprehensive curriculum for "human flourishing" that can be applied readily in any situation.

The Well-Ordered Soul includes:

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Discover the power of practical philosophy for yourself in this unique and highly accessible self-study course offered exclusively by PhilosophyCenter.

PhilosophyCenter | Introduction   "Have you ever wondered why some days things goes your way, while others seem set up to defeat you at every turn? Philosophers have been trying to make sense of the vicissitudes of life since the human race began pondering its existence and writing down its best ideas—which arguably no one did better than the ancient Greeks. They could tell you why in two words: 'the gods.' In modern terms, the Greek view becomes a philosophic model for self-knowledge essential to living 'the good life,' a mythos in which 'the gods' are the unpredictable, chaotic forces operating behind the scenes in every situation. We are all familiar with these forces that lie beyond our control: the happy coincidences, unexpected results, sucker punches, and twist endings—the stuff no one can see coming. All of which is far more important than we may realize, because how we conduct ourselves in relation to these forces determines whether we flourish or spend our brief stay in this world resisting, reacting, and suffering. The key to happiness, within this wisdom model, lies not in overcoming these unpredictable forces, but in meeting them with what Plato calls a 'well-ordered soul.'"
PhilosophyCenter | Syllabus   Introduction

Week | 1 Theory
The Five Pillars
It's Greek to Me
In the Hands of Fate
Going on Three Legs
Creative Chaos
Free Will

Week 2 | Truthfulness
Truthfulness: The Master Principle
Truthfulness and Excellence: Beyond Science
The Daimon: Heeding the Inner Voice
Truthfulness, Goodness, and Beauty
Truthfulness in Practice
Exercise: Letting the Truth Speak

Week 3 | Showing Up
Showing Up: Living in Living Color
Agreeing to Be
Showing Up in the Truth
An Element of Paradox
Self-Respect vs. Self-Assertion
Exercise: The Schedule of the Gods

Week 4 | Innocence
Innocence: Remembering the Gods
Innocence and Wonder
The Wisdom of Socrates
Forgetfulness and Recollection
Knowledge and Discernment
The Tyranny of Conclusions
Exercise: Recollecting Innocence

Week 5 | Diligence
Diligence: Truthfulness in Action
The Two Sides of Diligence
Doing What is Ours to Do
Not Doing What isn't Ours to Do
The Principle of Reverse Effect
Discerning the Difference
Exercise: The Red Balloon

Week 6 | Dialogue
Dialogue: The Examined Life
The Dialectic and Disillusionment
Socratic Elenchus: The Method
The Epoché
How the Truth Reveals Us
In Dialogue with the World
Exercise: On Being Transparent

In Closing

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PhilosophyCenter | The Well-Ordered Soul PhilosophyCenter | The Well-Ordered Soul
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