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The Flaw of Attraction

Instructor: Philip Golabuk
Format: one hour-long individual phone session per week, unlimited email support
Prerequisite: none
Enrollment period: six weeks
Requirements: email service and a phone

The Flaw of Attraction: $600

See Terms of Study below before enrolling.

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PhilosophyCenter | Overview

  PhilosophyCenter | FLAW OF ATTRACTION There's a reason why, when "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne came out in 2006, despite rampant popularity, it drew widespread criticism. It is far from the only culprit. Several of the core principles of the so-called "law of attraction" are insidious and potentially detrimental to spiritual, emotional, and psychological health. If you’ve been struggling with the idea that we can create our external reality by adopting various inner states, it’s all but certain that the problem lies in unexamined beliefs, expectations, and assumptions you harbor about "manifestation." The material presented in The Flaw of Attraction corrects these errors, allowing the student to take charge of the powerful creative potential of consciousness in a whole new way. 

Some of the game-changing topics covered are:

  • is manifestation an end in itself?
  • at the heart of manifestation: identity
  • the toll of "magical thinking"
  • is there anything to the"feel it real” movement?
  • why can’t I get law of attraction to work?
  • why does it only work sometimes?
  • is outer reality objective or subjective?
  • avoiding the solipsism trap
  • the lesson is hiding in what isn't working
  • is the law of attraction scientific, as it claims? 

This one-on-one intensive with our founding director provides essential clarity and direction that can help students separate the truth from the hype, extricate themselves from the seductive and insidious effects of the “vibrational” approach to consciousness-as-cause, gain new insight into why a focus on manifestation is misguided and self-defeating, disengage from "magical thinking," and begin accessing the creative power of consciousness to orchestrate and refine inner and outer reality. Expect a paradigm-changing experience and a more advanced engagement with the material than ever before.

PhilosophyCenter | Benefits   The Flaw of Attraction offers far-reaching benefits for living a grounded and creative life including:

  • increased peace of mind due to avoiding the potentially serious pitfalls and distractions of popular "law of attraction" claims
  • a deeply fulfilling sense of participation with the whole of life that is neither willful nor passive
  • the joy that comes with realizing and engaging nonlocal identity
  • improved outcomes in all areas through the agency of nonlocal resources, efficiency, and ingenuity
  • freedom from the tyranny of willfulness
  • a decrease in "drama" and reactions that cause and aggravate suffering
  • an increased sense of joy in being alive
PhilosophyCenter | Terms of Study


  Enrollment Period
The enrollment period is six weeks starting with the first class.

Phoning In
The student should ring the PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line each week promptly at the scheduled time and arrange to be in a place where ambient noise and interruptions can be kept at a minimum for the duration of the call. Note that the instructor will wait ten minutes for the student to arrive on the call, failing which class for that day will be cancelled and counted as missed.

Cancelled or Missed Classes
If the client needs to cancel a scheduled class in a given week, at least 24 hours notice is required. In cases where such notice is provided, the cancelled class will be added to the end of the schedule. Note that this is permitted only twice per enrollment period. If the client fails to show up for a scheduled class without notice or cancels with notice more than once, the missed class cannot be made up and is forfeited. Forfeited classes shall not be construed as a failure by PhilosophyCenter to provide services.

Termination of Services
The client may terminate services at any time during the enrollment period with seven days' written notice. There is no prorated refund for classes remaining subsequent to the date of termination.

Limited Use
The PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line number provided at the time of enrollment may be used only to initiate calls during the enrollment period and may not be shared with any third party.

By enrolling, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these Terms of Study.

In light of disclosures of the domestic surveillance activities of the National Security Agency of the United States, we cannot guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of phone conversations beyond our own strict, internal standards.

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