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  LifeStudy offers four-week intensives designed to guide the student into the deep waters of today's most exciting topics, providing newfound understanding, clarity, and practical insight that deliver real-world benefits for everyday living. Note that LifeStudy can be repeated as many times as the student wishes.

Below is a list of our current LifeStudy offerings. Click on a title or its graphic for details.

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LifeStudy: Stoic WisdomStoic Wisdom

This popular LifeStudy gives the student proven principles for rising to rise above the conditions of life that seem to be causing suffering, while providing a forum for practice needed to apply this wisdom to whatever situation the student may be facing. This invaluable instruction is based on the teachings of the ancient Greek Stoics—teachings that have never been more relevant or needed than they are today.

LifeStudy: The Flaw of AttractionThe Flaw
of Attraction

If you’ve been struggling with the idea that we can create our external reality by adopting various inner states of thought or feeling, it’s all but certain that the problem lies in unexamined contradictions and false opinions you're harboring about "manifestation." The material covered in this popular LifeStudy corrects these errors, allowing the student to take charge of the powerful creative potential of consciousness in a new way, without false promises and magical thinking. 

LifeStudy: Practicing PresencePracticing Presence
Drawing from shamanic and yogic traditions, Buddhist and Taoist wisdom, and findings from the new physics, this LifeStudy instructs the student in the meditative art of "living large" through a subtle but profound shift in awareness that allows the local self to spontaneously resolve problems, transcend the world of separateness and strife, and move through adversity rather than struggling against it.

LifeStudy: Embracing DemonsEmbracing Demons
"The way out is through." This LifeStudy helps the student to identify personal habits of resistance, long-held woundings, and areas of self-judgment—and to embrace these in order to transcend "triggers" and discover the joy of moving with adverse conditions rather than against them, opening a way to escape the undertow of daily strife and tap the potential for best outcomes in any situation.

LifeStudy: Machine LearningMachine Learning
This timely four-week individual study explores the various philosophical assumptions and implications of the current approach to artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology along with its potential risks and related topics. Highly recommended for anyone currently working in the field of A.I. development or those who are concerned about the potential impact of this new technology.
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