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Tuition: $280 | 30% off through 28 February
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See Terms of Study below before enrolling.

Instructor: Philip Golabuk
Scheduled: TBA
Format: four weeks, one hour-long phone session per week, unlimited email support
Requirements: email service and a phone

After checkout, you'll receive an immediate email confirmation with instructions for scheduling your session and calling the PhilosophyCenter phone bridge. You must respond and complete scheduling via email within three business days of enrolling in LifeStudy or your enrollment will be cancelled and your payment refunded. Calling the phone bridge may incur standard toll charges on your phone bill depending on your long distance service agreement.

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PhilosophyCenter | LifeStudy

  PhilosophyCenter | LifeStudyWestern philosophy begins with the mandate, "Know thyself," for to know oneself is the key to happiness and living life to the fullest. Our LifeStudy self-development classes give the student the opportunity to work one-on-one with our director in four-week phone sessions. The format allows for highly personalized instruction designed to deepen the student's self-knowledge. LifeStudy provides a forum for self-work in which students can identify and resolve areas of conflict, inconsistency, and contradiction implicit in their beliefs and assumptions; examine and assess old ways of thinking they may have outgrown; and receive philosophical counseling as needed to address and resolve specific issues. The aims of the study are increased self-awareness, a clearer sense of purpose and direction, greater peace of mind, and the ability to respond creatively rather than reactively to the world and to others.
PhilosophyCenter | Benefits   The LifeStudy format offers those committed to self-work a number of great benefits, including:

  • focused, individual instruction
  • regular study allows for continuity and in-depth learning
  • begin studying right away—no need to wait for seasonal offerings
  • flexibility to accommodate your calendar—after hours, distant time zone, and "skip a week" scheduling
  • convenient four-week sessions
PhilosophyCenter | Terms of Study   Over the years, we've established the following Terms of Study to ensure that students receive the greatest benefit from their work with us, and to preserve the integrity of our curriculum and programs.

1. The student should call in each week at the scheduled time. A land line is recommended, as cell phones and VoIP phones such as Skype may result in poor network performance on the phone bridge. Students who opt to place the call via cell phone or VoIP assume responsibility for the acceptability of the connection. In the event that such calls cause excessive noise, repeat disconnects, or other issues that hinder the normal course of study, the instructor may end the call until the student can call back in when a land line connection is available.

2. LifeStudy classes are scheduled to take place over consecutive weeks. Given the flexibility of the format, however, the student may reschedule a given week with a minimum of two days notice, up to a maximum of two classes per session. Rescheduled meetings are added to the end of the schedule. If a student misses a rescheduled class, the missed class cannot be made up.

3. Students may sign up for LIfeStudy as often as they wish.

4. The student should arrange to phone the bridge a few minutes before the start of the call each week and be free to stay the entire hour. Students who have Call Waiting should disable it prior to placing the call.

5. All PhilosophyCenter students are required to maintain an attitude of respect for the instructor, and to refrain from polemics, sarcasm, profanity, and any other inappropriate forms of expression during the call and in emails or other forms of communication. The failure to honor this requirement may result in loss of access to the phone bridge, PhilosophyCenter support, and eligibility for future enrollments.

6. Phone bridge numbers and PIN access codes are to be kept confidential and used only during the session in which the student is enrolled.

By registering you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these Terms of Study.

PhilosophyCenter | Student Comments   "I really appreciate your counsel, wisdom, writing; and just how much I've learned with your guidance. I feel immensely grateful and lucky."

"We covered a lot of ground in just four weeks. I'm so much clearer now, and excited about what's next in my life."

"Stunningly effective."

"I really enjoyed our sessions, and got so much out of them. Thank you!"

"Absolutely amazing."

"Great stuff."

"You're amazing, which at this point, after so many sessions with you shouldn't be a surprise, but you continue to come through for me in new and powerful ways."

"Working with you is remarkable! What you provide is so rare and helpful. Thank you!"

"This is excellent!"

"Wow. Fantastic. Thank you!"

"Our LifeStudy conversations moved me forward and opened me to new ways of thinking and seeing and experiencing."

"Very, very, very helpful"

"I feel a new sense of peace. The urgency I felt four weeks ago is gone."

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