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Philosophical counseling is not advisable in situations involving domestic violence, as these can be volatile and life-threatening. Prospective clients dealing with domestic violence should contact law enforcement, an abuse shelter, or a therapist trained in domestic violence for prompt intervention.



PHILO℠ Counseling

Counselor: Philip Golabuk
Format: hour-long phone session, email support
Requirements: phone and email service

PHILO℠ Single

One individual or couples session
PHILO℠ Bundle

Three PHILO℠ Single sessions over three weeks

See Terms of Service below before enrolling.

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PhilosophyCenter | Overview PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA℠ Consulting
PhilosophyCenter | PHILO℠ Counseling
  PhilosophyCenter | PHILO℠ CounselingMany of the problems that life serves up draw their power from some aspect of our beliefs about them. In fact, sorting out our experiences in the world from the assumptions, opinions, conclusions, stories, and paradigms that we carry, wittingly or unwittingly, requires the special skills that philosophical counseling brings to the table. Often the only thing we can change in a situation is ourselves—but when we change ourselves, remarkably, our world changes. This is why the ancients placed consummate value on the instruction, "know thyself," for they knew that self-knowledge is the key to happiness and "human flourishing."

PHILO℠ counseling is designed to help clients clear contradictions, correct false beliefs and assumptions, and start enjoying improvements in wellness, work, energy, mood, peace of mind, relationships, and quality of life. In addition to uncovering often surprising solutions to even chronic and intractable problems, PHILO℠ serves as a proven framework for the cultivation of self-awareness and self-knowledge essential to conscious, creative living. Through this steady, guided process of "life revision," clients consistently report remarkable results in a relatively short time.

For 30 years, PhilosophyCenter has helped clients and students achieve clearer self-definition, a deeper sense of life direction and purpose, and the joyful awareness that being alive is a wonderful deal and not just an exhausting exercise in coping with problems and stress.

  • for individuals or couples
  • one scheduled 60-minute phone session
  • provides a safe place for needed self-work
  • addresses and resolves areas of contradiction, unexamined habit, and unwitting choice that have become self-defeating
  • identifies new and better choices based on a more insightful apprehension of the truth of the situation, which frees the client from the exhausting and potentially damaging effects of longstanding contradiction and conflict
  • delivers consistent, scheduled support to help the client stay on track to "the good life" and the fulfillment of his best vision, passion, and purpose
PhilosophyCenter | Benefits   The profound benefits of philosophical counseling are well established. Using unique methods many of which we developed, PHILO℠ delivers support for everyday living proven in thousands of sessions and designed to enlighten, inspire, and transform.

PHILO℠ can help you:

  • identify and resolve hidden contradictions and unexamined assumptions that are having an adverse impact on your inner and outer life
  • upgrade your mindset to improve your prevailing mood throughout the day for greater ease and "flow"
  • clarify next steps on your life path
  • actualize your best vision for your life in work and relationships including a road map and action steps
  • discover new depths of commitment, excellence, and efficiency
  • break free of habitual, "default" thinking that hides or hinders better choices
  • enjoy a renewal of enthusiasm, deeper appreciation for being alive, and a greater sense of purpose
PhilosophyCenter | Not Psychotherapy   Philosophical counseling does not follow the therapeutic model of diagnosis and treatment but uses educational methods based on viewing the client as a free agent capable of honest self-assessment, insight, understanding, self-knowledge, and responsible choice. Rather than treating conditions, philosophical counseling aims to shed light on the underlying beliefs, assumptions, and paradigms that are shaping the client's view of self and world. Furthermore, since psychotherapy often involves exploration of the client's past, e.g., traumas suffered in childhood, it can require a protracted commitment. Philosophical counseling, on the other hand, focuses on the present to examine the existential structures of self-definition and the subtle assignments of meaning and significance that are informing the client's experience.

Philosophical counseling is an educational rather than therapeutic method and makes no therapeutic claims.

PhilosophyCenter | Terms of Service   Enrollment Period
The enrollment period (Bundled sessions) is three consecutive weeks.

Session Scheduling
Session scheduling must be confirmed on the day it is proposed. Failing to confirm proposed scheduling may result in cancellation and refund. (See our Policies for complete details.) Bundled PHILO℠ sessions must be scheduled over three consecutive weeks, usually one per week on the same day of the week at the same hour, or more frequently if the client wishes, but in no case over a period longer than four weeks from the time of enrollment. Scheduling is not considered complete until it is confirmed by PhilosophyCenter. Note that no session can be scheduled prior to online enrollment.

Phoning In
The client should ring the PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line promptly at the scheduled time and arrange to be in a place where ambient noise and interruptions can be kept at a minimum for the duration of the call. Note that the counselor will wait ten minutes for the client to arrive on the call, failing which the session will be cancelled and counted as missed without notice.

Cancelled and Missed Calls
If the client needs to cancel a scheduled call, at least 24 hours notice is required. In cases where such notice is provided, the cancelled call will be rescheduled as soon as possible. If the client fails to show up for the call without notice for any reason, the missed call cannot be made up and is forfeited.

Limited Use
The PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line phone number provided at the time of enrollment may be used only to initiate calls during the enrollment period and may not be shared with any third party.

By enrolling, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms of Service.

We adhere to the strictest internal standards of privacy and confidentiality, and will not disclose client identity, information, or session details to any third party.
PhilosophyCenter | Meet Your Counselor
PhilosophyCenter | Our Director
  PhilosophyCenter Founder and Director Philip GolabukPhilip Golabuk is an internationally acclaimed author and educator. After completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy at the University of Florida with special studies in existentialism, theory of knowledge, and phenomenology, he taught philosophy at the college level and as part of a community outreach program to inmates in jail and prison. He has written several books in applied philosophy that were published in the U.S. and overseas in translation by national and international publishers including Harper & Row and reviewed in The Washington Post and Harper's Magazine. He founded PhilosophyCenter in 1993, subsequently developing numerous courses in practical philosophy as well as unique philosophical facilitating, counseling, and coaching models and methods. Philip is a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association.
PhilosophyCenter | Client Comments   "I wanted to express my profound gratitude for all the ways you've helped me grow, and the faith you've inspired in me that everything's going to turn out okay. It's an honor to receive, digest, and share your wisdom." 

"I'm delighted with this experience, and deeply grateful!"

"Thank you for today’s call. In the session I was feeling joy and relief.  As soon as we hung up, I felt that a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders."

"Working with you is potent medicine! I'm deeply grateful."

"Tremendously helpful."


"This is the best work I’ve ever done."

"Thanks for a deeply rewarding session as always! Very much looking forward to continuing this journey!"

"Uniquely impactful. Far more effective than traditional therapy sessions."

"I feel deeply served. Thank you."

"Thanks for another beautiful, amazing, and wonderful session!"

"There’s a new awareness of when I start to slip into contradiction, so I can choose to move away from it immediately. I feel like a different person!"

"I feel more renewed than I can remember."

"You have an uncanny ability to see into the heart of an issue. We're deeply grateful."

"An awesome resource—so much shifted, and in such a short time!"

"Goodness, it is profound, this work. So thankful for your wise teaching."

"I'm not the same person I was at the beginning of the session. It's actually hard to recall what it was like to be unclear about the concerns that the session sorted out."


"Such a meaningful session and a wonderful outcome!"

"Your clarification brought laughter, tears, and relief!"

"Thanks so much for the call today. The conversation was so powerful and beneficial—I feel significantly released from the issue and now have the freedom to choose. This was not the case before the call. I'm extremely grateful."

"I'm experiencing incredible results from our call on Monday and your breathtaking skills in facilitating new possibilities for people."

"A fantastic resource with huge outcomes. I am ever thankful for the work we did together and how it helped me. Life changing!"

"Thank you for a wonderful year of guided insight. Your input means so much to me, and the outcome of our work has been remarkable."

"I'm struck by your ability to 'follow the charge' and keep the conversation on track. In just one session with you, something changed. Wow."

"Thank you and thank you and thank you. And my cat thanks you, too."

"Incredibly helpful."

"Life improved greatly after our sessions. I can see now where I react and undesirable thinking comes in, and I practice rerouting myself."

"I am already feeling much more inspired thanks to you and all your support."

"Working with you is always amazing! Our sessions have had a real impact on how I understand and perceive my world. I'll be referring my friends!"

"Thank you for the session yesterday. I had a few hours after the call to quietly and deeply reflect on all we discussed. The impact was profound."

"Our sessions have created a significant shift for me. Work was so enjoyable this week, almost magical. Interactions with people had a real ease and lightness, too. I'm smiling a lot. Thank you so much!"

"After our session, I felt that a great weight had been taken off my shoulders."

"I'm so grateful that you're doing this work. Thank you!"

"My friend is elated working with you, as I was. I'll be referring others."

"Thanks for the great sessions and for helping me identify the behaviors that were so problematic for me. It now seems so clear."

"Really helpful in a surprising way. I felt better immediately."

"An awesome session! I had looked at the situation before but never saw the missing piece. Now I feel clear about how to proceed."

"Your work with me has changed my life. A great experience."

"Brilliant. Our work together is making a huge difference."

"Working with you has given me a new way to look at my situation and my life."

"I really appreciate your counsel, wisdom, writing; and just how much I've learned with your guidance. I feel immensely grateful and lucky."

"We covered a lot of ground in just a few weeks. I'm so much clearer now, and excited about what's next in my life."

"Stunningly effective."

"I greatly enjoy our sessions, and get so much out of them. Thank you!"

"Absolutely amazing."

"Great stuff."

"You're amazing, which at this point, after so many sessions with you shouldn't be a surprise, but you continue to come through for me in new and powerful ways."

"Working with you is remarkable! What you provide is so rare and helpful. Thank you!"

"This is excellent!"

"Wow. Fantastic. Thank you!"

"Our conversations moved me forward and opened me to new ways of thinking and seeing and experiencing."

"I feel a new sense of peace. The urgency I felt is gone."

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