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SOPHIA℠ Scheduled

  • one hour-long session weekly provides continuity and traction
  • may include up to three staff or prospective staff members
  • provides third-party assessment and recommendations in key areas of operation such as hiring, firing, performance reviews, organizational development, and conflict resolution
  • regular scheduling allows for addressing longer-term issues
  • weekly summary report is an invaluable tool for session review and action steps
  • best program for deep work with far-reaching organizational impact

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand

  • unlimited on-demand sessions (up to 30 minutes per call) deliver direct and prompt access
  • reserved for one organizational liaison
  • provides as-needed support to key leadership in response to changing conditions
  • on-demand sessions allow for situational clarity and direction in real-time
  • best program for "think tank," time-critical, and hotline support



SOPHIA℠ Scheduled

Consultant: Philip Golabuk
Schedule: TBD
One 60-minute phone session per week, a weekly annotated report summarizing the session with action steps, and unlimited email support throughout the term of the contract
Participants: Up to three per phone session
Contract term: 90 days
Fee: $7,200
PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA℠ Consulting Standard
See Terms of Service below before enrolling

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand

Consultant: Philip Golabuk
Schedule: On-demand (M-F/10A-7PM Eastern)
Format: Unlimited on-demand sessions throughout the contract period via direct phone access (up to 30 minutes per call)
Participants: One person per enrollment
Contract term: 90 days
Fee: $7,200

We are not currently accepting new SOPHIA℠ On-Demand clients. Check back 15 March.

See Terms of Service below before enrolling.

After checkout, you'll receive an immediate email confirmation with instructions for scheduling your session. You must respond and complete scheduling via email within three business days of registering or your enrollment will be cancelled and your payment refunded. Calling the phone bridge may incur standard toll charges on your phone bill depending on your long distance service agreement.
PhilosophyCenter | Overview PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA℠ Consulting
PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA℠ Consulting
  PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA℠ ConsultingSkilled executive leaders surround themselves with innovative, responsible staff, people willing to take the next step, think creatively, and explore new directions consistent with their professional roles and the aims of the organization. Our SOPHIA℠ Consulting program offers such people an unmatched resource for personal and professional development, showing them how they can set aside contradictions that have been holding them back, break through to new levels of clarity, and adopt a stance of deep self-agreement, transforming the workplace into a richly rewarding and productive environment.

The benefits of regular philosophical consulting are game-changing in all areas of organizational life from accountability and team-building to clarification of mission and identity, conflict resolution, and improvements to the bottom line.

SOPHIA℠ Consulting brings to executive leaders the opportunity to realize greater vision, effectiveness, and success through identifying and resolving contradictions, obsolete or unwitting beliefs and assumptions, and unexamined choices. The methods we use are designed to deliver near immediate results in resolving even intractable and longstanding problems faced by organizations ranging from mission-critical issues and crisis management to daily operations including productivity, morale, turnover, and team-building. Our consulting model is maieutic—based on Socratic examination of beliefs, assumptions, and "stories" that each person brings to the workplace, in conjunction with powerful heuristic tools, many of which we have developed. This framework sets the stage for profound and effective shifts in each participant’s sense of responsibility and organizational identity, opening the way for leaders and other members of the team to enjoy a new level of efficiency, satisfaction, commitment, and success in the workplace. The value to any organization in need of these services is inestimable. Even in the near term, the program pays for itself many times over.

For more than 25 years, Philip Golabuk, our founder and director, has worked with clients to help them achieve clearer self-definition, a deeper sense of life direction and purpose, greater self-agreement, and the joyful awareness that being alive is a wonderful deal and not just an exhausting exercise in coping with stress.

SOPHIA℠ Scheduled

SOPHIA℠ Scheduled includes one weekly consulting session for up to three staff members. The structure provides the continuity and traction needed to do deep philosophical work, often required to resolve longstanding or systemic organizational issues. SOPHIA℠ Scheduled sessions are also invaluable in providing third-party assessment and candid recommendations in key areas of operation such as hiring, firing, performance reviews, and conflict resolution. Startups and companies redefining their identity or mission, including repositioning and rebranding, will benefit from the full, hour-long sessions and regular time set aside for philosophical self-examination, deconstruction of misaligned or contradicted assumptions and paradigms, and greater clarity in all aspects of leadership.

SOPHIA℠ Scheduled Add-On
Enrollment in this option grants a second meeting per week complete with summary report and action steps.

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand support hours are from 10AM to 7PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday. If the consultant is unavailable to take the call, a return call is guaranteed within three hours. Note that on-demand consultations are limited to 30 minutes per call.

The need for support doesn't always conform to a weekly schedule. For those organizational leaders who prefer to retain our consulting services to be used "as needed," SOPHIA℠ On-Demand offers high-value benefits. On-demand access allows one key person in the organization to contact the SOPHIA℠ consultant directly—no scheduling needed. Place an unlimited number of on-demand calls (up to 30 minutes each) during the 90-day contract period.

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand is ideal when the need for support is time-sensitive, e.g., critical decision-making, conflict resolution, personal issues affecting work, unexpected business development and opportunities, etc. You'll receive a prompt response to questions and concerns as they arise, and enjoy the clarity, insight, and objective feedback and direction when it's needed most.

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand introduces a new level of strategic partnership, collaboration, and support to SOPHIA℠ clients. It's like having a dedicated philosophical consultant on staff—without the overhead and other costs associated with an in-house position.

SOPHIA℠ On-Demand Add-On
Enrollment in this option grants a second member of your team use of the direct access line each week during the 90 days of the SOPHIA℠ On-Demand contract period. You can even assign a different person from week to week!

PhilosophyCenter | Benefits   The remarkable benefits of professional consulting are well and widely known. Using unique methods developed by PhilosophyCenter, we provide revolutionary consulting that has the power to enlighten and inspire forward-thinking leaders in organizations, companies, agencies, and educational institutions.

Our SOPHIA℠ offerings can help you and your staff:

  • identify and resolve hidden contradictions and unexamined assumptions that are having an adverse impact in the workplace
  • clarify the next step for your organization
  • bring values, mission, and methods into agreement with the highest aims you can envision
  • discover new depths of excellence, commitment, accountability, efficiency, and purpose
  • break free of habitual, "default" thinking that hinders better choices
  • address and resolve ethical conflicts
  • experience a renewal of enthusiasm and greater appreciation for the work you do each day, individually and collectively

The program delivers profound and lasting benefits to the organization, such as:

  • conflict resolution
  • increased productivity and efficiency
  • improved morale
  • better cooperation and teamwork
  • renewed interest and initiative
  • reduced absenteeism and tardiness
  • more accurate hires
  • lower turnover
  • greater comfort with accountability
  • improved communication
  • a generally happier work environment

In addition, there are significant administrative advantages to the organization:

  • 25 years of experience includes the development of methods unique to PhilosophyCenter and proven in thousands of sessions
  • convenience of teleconsulting eliminates travel and related costs
  • guaranteed session availability
  • priority scheduling or on-demand access
  • outsourced professional recommendations for organizational change provide for more graceful transitions and implementation of new practices than "on-high" directives

Human relations problems are hidden costs that can quickly erode an organization's profits, morale, and success. Whether the issue affecting the workplace is professional or personal, SOPHIA℠ is a powerful and proven investment that can help you make your organizational vision a reality.

PhilosophyCenter | How It Works   SOPHIA℠ offers a unique set of benefits based on proven philosophical counseling and consulting methods designed to help leaders and their staff arrive at transforming clarity that has a direct impact on the quality and efficiency of the organization.

SOPHIA℠ Consulting Scheduled: Provides SOPHIA℠ services to one individual and up to two additional staff members in one priority-scheduled phone session per week for the 90-day term of the contract. The session runs 60 minutes. Includes a confidential annotated report of the actionable points covered in session each week and unlimited email support throughout the term of the contract.

SOPHIA℠ Consulting On-Demand: Provides unlimited SOPHIA℠ Consulting services on demand via the SOPHIA℠ direct access line with no need to schedule for the 90-day contract period. Each SOPHIA℠ On-Demand session is limited to 30 minutes. Weekly summary reports and email support are not included.

We adhere to the strictest internal rules of confidentiality and privacy, and will not disclose client identity, information, or session details to any third party.

PhilosophyCenter | Terms of Service   The Terms of Service for the SOPHIA℠ Consulting Scheduled and SOPHIA℠ Consulting On-Demand programs are provided below. Enrolling in the program presupposes your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

SOPHIA℠ Consulting Scheduled

Contract Term: The contract period shall be 90 days starting with the first scheduled session.

Number of Participants: Up to three staff members may participate on each call. Note that the contract fee is unaffected by the number of participants.

Included Services: Enrollment in the SOPHIA℠ program includes the following services:

  • one 60-minute phone session per week
  • a weekly report that includes an annotated summary of the week's sessions and action steps
  • unlimited email support during the contract period

Canceled or Missed Sessions
If an enrolled participant needs to cancel a scheduled session in a given week (at least 24 hours notice required), the missed session shall not be construed as a failure by PhilosophyCenter to provide contracted services. Missed sessions may be rescheduled for the following week up to a maximum of two sessions per contract period.

Non-Disclosure and Termination of Services PhilosophyCenter agrees not to disclose any client's identity, information concerning the working relationship described herein, or session details to any third party. The client may terminate contracted services at any time during the contract period with seven days' written notice. Note that there is no prorated refund for sessions remaining in the contract period subsequent to the date of termination.

SOPHIA℠ Consulting On-Demand

Contract Term: The contract period shall be 90 days starting from the day of enrollment.

Number of Participants: On-demand access is limited to one organizational leader per enrollment.

Included Services: Enrollment includes unlimited, on-demand direct access to consulting services throughout the contract period from the hours of 10AM to 7PM Eastern, Monday through Friday.

Limited Use: The SOPHIA℠ On-Demand direct access phone number provided at the time of enrollment may be used only to initiate SOPHIA℠ sessions during the contract period and may not be shared with any third party.

Non-Disclosure and Termination of Services PhilosophyCenter agrees not to disclose any client's identity, information concerning the working relationship described herein, or session details to any third party. The client may terminate contracted services at any time during the contract period with seven days' written notice. Note that there is no prorated refund for sessions remaining in the contract period subsequent to the date of termination.

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