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  Established in 1993, PhilosophyCenter is a leading online resource offering philosophical counseling, consulting, instruction, training, and support for everyday living based on models and methods at the cutting edge of applied philosophy, many of which we developed. These offerings include:
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Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the self-work that leads to greater self-awareness and creative expression, a clearer sense of meaning and purpose, and a deeper appreciation for the miracle, mystery, and opportunity of being alive.

PhilosophyCenter |  Our Policies   The following discloses our policies with respect to site use, session scheduling, cancellation and refunds, and more. Note that your use of the PhilosophyCenter site implies your acceptance of these policies.

Terms of Use
In interacting with PhilosophyCenter, you agree not to use the site resources, including email, contact form, or other method of communication in any way that is defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, disrespectful, invasive of a person's privacy or in violation of any International or United States Federal law. These Terms also prohibit using site resources including our contact form or email addresses to send spam or solicit business in any form, attempt to establish social networking, or communicate about matters not directly related to PhilosophyCenter and its work.

Intellectual Property and Support
The content on this web site is the exclusive intellectual property of PhilosophyCenter and protected by U.S. and international copyright law, and cannot legally be copied, shared, or otherwise distributed by any third party. To be eligible for support, students must provide PhilosophyCenter with their name and email address. Students who distribute PhilosophyCenter's proprietary content in any form may lose support and other student benefits at our sole discretion.

Session Scheduling
Those who reserve a LifeSession or LifeStudy must complete scheduling within three business days of registering, or we will refund payment for the session in full, as it is not our policy to hold funds for an indeterminate period. Note that sessions cannot be scheduled until enrollment is completed and confirmed.

In the event of a LifeSession purchased for another as a gift, the reserved session must be scheduled by the recipient within 30 days after the gift session is purchased, after which it will be considered expired. For this reason, we urge those considering giving a LifeSession as a gift to confirm with the recipient that it is both wanted and timely.

Cancellation and Refunds
LifeSessions: LifeSessions cancelled no later than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of the session will be refunded in full the next business day. Sessions scheduled with less than 24 hours' notice are not eligible for refund but may be refunded at the sole discretion of PhilosophyCenter. A LifeSession purchased as a gift is not refundable but may be reissued as a credit to the purchaser upon written request if the recipient fails to schedule within 30 days from the date of purchase. LifeStudy: LifeStudy enrollment may be cancelled with a full refund no later than two business days prior to the scheduled start of the first class. No refunds are given once classes begin. These terms also apply to LifeStudy special topics offered from time to time. Life Coach Training: Enrollment in Life Coach Training may be cancelled up until the first Study Guide handouts are emailed to the student, approximately five business days prior to the start of clases, after which no refunds are given. SOPHIA℠ Consulting/SOPHIA℠ Consulting On-Demand: SOPHIA℠ enrollment may be cancelled with a full refund no later than five business days prior to the start of the first call of the session. Once consulting begins, no refunds are given. The client may terminate contracted services at any time during the contract term with five days' written notice. Note that there is no prorated refund for sessions remaining in the contract term subsequent to the date of termination.

Right of Refusal
We reserve the right to refuse services or support to any person as we may deem necessary to ensure the integrity of our programs and ongoing relationships.

Special Offers and Voucher Codes
During the year we may make special offers available to our email subscriber list through voucher codes. These voucher codes must be used at the time of checkout and cannot be applied retroactively or after the stated expiration date, nor can a special offer's expiration date be extended.

Your Privacy
We do not nor will we ever share, sell, or otherwise make available to any third parties the contact information you provide. There are no lists from which you need to "opt out." We recognize that you provide us with this information as an act of trust, and respect your right of privacy as we would want ours to be respected.

In light of disclosures of the domestic surveillance activities of the National Security Agency of the United States, we cannot guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of phone conversations or email beyond our own strict, internal standards. Clients should be aware of this when reserving a session.

Visitor Data
We use any personal information you provide solely for our internal contact, purchase, and billing purposes; this may include your name, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, and email. Use of this information is limited to PhilosophyCenter business, offers, subscriptions, and updates relevant to transactions initiated by you. Financial data (e.g., credit card numbers) are not collected or stored on our site.

Cookies and IP Addresses
Our site does not use cookies to collect or track information about you or your computer. We may capture IP addresses in cases where flagrant violations of our policies make it necessary to block said addresses.

Changes to the Site
Changes may appear on this site at any time without notice including those affecting offerings, fees and pricing, and scheduling, as well as these Policies.

All content on the PhilosophyCenter web site is protected under U.S. copyright and international law, and may not be reproduced in any form or medium without the written consent of PhilosophyCenter. All content on or offered through PhilosophyCenter site is the intellectual property of PhilosophyCenter and may not be shared, distributed, reproduced, or copied in any form. "Bringing philosophy to life," "Illuminating life," "SOPHIA Consulting," and "Odysseys" are service marks of PhilosophyCenter.


PhilosophyCenter | Our Founder and Director
PhilosophyCenter | Our Director

  PhilosophyCenter Founder and Director Philip GolabukPhilip Golabuk completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy at the University of Florida with special studies in phenomenology, metaphysics, existentialism, and theory of knowledge having worked closely with the late Drs. James Millikan, a phenomenologist, and Thomas Hanna, a pioneer in somatics. During the years from 1973-1993, Philip taught philosophy at the college level and as part of a special educational outreach program to inmates in jail and prison, and also wrote several books in applied philosophy that were published in the U.S. and overseas in translation. In 1993, he founded PhilosophyCenter, subsequently developing numerous curricula in practical philosophy as well as unique philosophical facilitating, counseling, and coaching models and methods. Philip is certified in Re-Evaluation Counseling and a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association.
PhilosophyCenter | Financial Assistance

James Dean Millikan Endowment

  In April, 2011, PhilosophyCenter established the James Dean Millikan Endowment (JDME) in memory of an indelible philosophy professor, gifted visual artist, and beloved friend, Dr. James Millikan—"Jimi" to those close to him, who passed from this world on 29 March, 2011 at his home in Forestville, California, just as the clouds were parting from a series of storms. Through this Endowment, we're able to offer individuals in situations of financial need a 20% subsidy on all PhilosophyCenter offerings (excluding our Life Coach Training and SOPHIA℠ Consulting programs). To request this support through the JDME, use the convenient form on our Contact Us page and let us know how we can help.

James Dean Millikan James Dean Millikan
Born in Atchison, Kansas in 1935, Jimi studied at Kansas State University and the University of Tubingen, earned his PhD in philosophy from Yale University, became one of Yale's youngest professors at the age of 27, and later taught at the University of Florida. Our founder and director, Philip Golabuk, worked closely with Jimi during his tenure at the University of Florida in both undergraduate and graduate study, taking every class he taught—so inspiring were his intelligence, his talent for listening, his passion for philosophy, and his love for his students. By the time Jimi agreed to serve as the chairman of Philip’s graduate committee, they had become close friends. When Jimi was denied tenure by an ultra-conservative majority of the UF philosophy faculty in 1973, he left the university following the example of Socrates when the Athenian tribunal passed sentence—with head high, unsullied by rancor or blame, and with a readiness to take on the next adventure. Packing a shoulder bag and wooden flute, and deferring to the promptings of intuition, he hitchhiked out to California to start over. In the decades that followed, Jimi studied theater, returned to his lifelong love for painting and drawing, became an administrator for Sonoma County, married a wonderful woman named Carroll, had grandchildren and great grandchildren, and always kept in touch, serving as an invaluable advisor. He and Philip exchanged hundreds of emails, visited each other here and there, shared and discussed their writings, and spent hours on the phone continuing the conversation that they had begun so many years earlier in Gainesville. Jimi’s passing from this world is a great loss for those who knew and loved him. He brought such excellent attention to everything he did that his life itself became a work of art. Excellence may seem an intangible thing until one encounters someone who has learned to embody it as fully as Jimi did, someone who exemplifies what Plato called the “well-ordered soul.” Such a one is like a fountain of all that is humanly good—kindness and compassion, virtuosity in thought and language, ready humor, generosity of spirit, curiosity and the willingness to learn, creativity and artistic expression, a real and abiding interest in life and in others, and of course, humility. We offer the James Dean Millikan Endowment as an homage to this quietly great man, and to express our profound gratitude for the time we had, and for his example as a most excellent human being, teacher, and friend.

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PhilosophyCenter | Our Thanks   We’d like to acknowledge some outstanding individuals here for their contributions to our work: the late Dr. Jimi Millikan, longtime teacher, advisor, and colleague for his brilliant philosophical gifts and extraordinary friendship over the decades; the late Dr. Tom Hanna, somatics pioneer, consummate teacher and colleague; and Dr. Jack Salvano, close friend and colleague, for his philosophical insights and many significant contributions as an advisor.
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