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PhilosophyCenter | Why Philosophy?

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  Philosophy is the oldest approach taken by humans to understanding the universe in which we find ourselves and our place in it. In ancient times, philosophy wasn't the specialized academic discipline that it's become but a method for self-knowledge and self-awareness that dealt with life's most pragmatic and personal problems. Those who practiced it with diligence attained a state of clarity and integrity ancient thinkers called "human flourishing," a state we call "happiness." Often, the only things standing in the way of our realizing this state are the stories and conclusions we've adopted based on careless or biased thinking that ignores important gray areas. Through philosophical self-examination and dialogue, we can become more aware, discerning, and present, which allows us to shed self-imposed burdens, contradictions, and false assumptions and make better choices.

Philosophical counseling provides a number of services that can improve the quality of a person's life dramatically:*

  • the examination of clients' arguments and justifications
  • the clarification, analysis, and definition of important terms and concepts
  • the exposure and examination of underlying assumptions and logical implications
  • the exposure of conflicts and inconsistencies
  • the exploration of traditional philosophical theories and their significance for client issues
  • all other related activities that have historically been identified as philosophical

*Standards of Practice/National Philosophical Counseling Association

PhilosophyCenter | The Value of Self-Work

PhilosophyCenter | Why Philosophy?

  PhilosophyCenter | Why Philosophy?Most of the difficulties we face have their roots in our beliefs, assumptions, conclusions—the stories we tell ourselves about the world and other people. These stories inform and shape our experience in the world. In many cases, they are acquired early in life and never examined or questioned. Through guided self-inquiry, we can discover key places of unwitting choice that have been hiding in the shadows of "the unexamined life," and through the power of self-work, take up a richer, more balanced, more fulfilling way of being. Applied philosophical methods give us the tools we need to do this self-work quickly and efficiently, with profound and lasting results.
PhilosophyCenter | The Art of Asking the Right Question   Sometimes, life throws situations at us that can leave us feeling confused, with no idea of where to turn. At such times especially, philosophical counseling can clarify new choices and directions, and get us back on track and moving forward. Much of the value of our approach comes from discerning and asking the right questions, since a great deal of suffering comes from starting down the wrong path of a misguided assumption. Philosophical counseling can illuminate the often shadowy inner landscape, saving us years of struggle by recalling us from mistaken conclusions that work against us and our best interests.
PhilosophyCenter |  Proven Support for Everyday Living℠   PhilosophyCenter offers opportunities for applied philosophical self-work and study designed to "bring philosophy to life." This is philosophy at its best—not the esoteric subject found in university classes or abstruse books, but philosophy that's grounded, practical, down-to-earth, and uniquely developed to provide real insight and understanding, clarify issues, and bring better choices within reach to help get you back on track and moving forward. The methods we use have been proven in thousands of sessions with clients from around the world since we began doing this work over twenty five years ago.
PhilosophyCenter | Applied Philosophy: A Powerful Method   Philosophy can be a powerful resource for addressing a wide range of problems that all of us are likely to encounter at one time or another. These include:

  • sense of purpose and life direction issues
  • ongoing conflict with a mate, family member, colleague, or friend
  • difficulty giving or receiving
  • mid-life transition and self-redefinition
  • persistent feeling of ennui or meaninglessness
  • the chronic sense that one's life isn't working
  • situations calling for mediation and conflict resolution
  • ethical dilemmas
PhilosophyCenter | Leading-Edige Practices   We use a variety of philosophical methods, a number of which we've developed ourselves, to guide you to the right self-questions, and help you work out new choices and directions for a more fulfilling life. Many of our clients are amazed at how quickly things change for the better once they begin this guided self-work.

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