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  • individual phone instruction

  • student selects the topic

  • no prerequisite

  • repeatable as many times as
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Instructor: Philip Golabuk
Format: weekly hour-long phone class
Enrollment period: four consecutive weeks
Requirements: phone and email service
Prerequisite: none

PhilosophyCenter | LIFESTUDY℠

See Terms of Study below before enrolling.

Session scheduling must be completed within 24 hours of enrollment. Failing to confirm scheduling may result in cancellation and refund.
PhilosophyCenter | LIFESTUDY℠ Overview
PhilosophyCenter | LIFESTUDY℠
PhilosophyCenter | LIFESTUDY℠

  PhilosophyCenter | LIFESTUDY℠ LIFESTUDY℠ is a unique four-week educational intensive that gives the student the opportunity to work one-on-one with our director on a topic of special interest chosen by the student.* Designed to guide the student into the deep waters of today's most exciting and challenging issues, LIFESTUDY℠ can provide newfound understanding, clarity, and practical insight that deliver real-world benefits for everyday living.

Topics covered in past LIFESTUDY℠ sessions include:

  • consciousness-as-cause and the "law of attraction"
  • embracing demons and the "shadow self"
  • the still circle—awareness practice
  • philosophical critique of a written piece
  • couples in crisis—partners at the crossroads
  • Stoic wisdom
  • Prometheus and Pandora—the danger of A.I.
  • conscious parenting
  • fate and luck practice
  • establishing and enforcing personal boundaries
  • the transcendent Self and nonlocal agency
  • the art of allowing

This individual study with our director provides clarity and direction that can help students parse truth from false opinion and extricate themselves from errors in thinking that lead to resistance, struggle, and suffering. Expect a game-changing experience and a more advanced engagement with the chosen material than ever before.

PhilosophyCenter | Benefits   LIFESTUDY℠ offers far-reaching benefits for living a grounded and creative life including:

  • greater clarity in areas of experience that may have been encumbered by false opinion and contradiction
  • new insight and openness to inspiration in matters of priority interest or concern
  • deeper understanding of special topics that may be relevant to the student's work and life direction
  • a release of the struggle and confusion that often accompany misguided or muddled thinking
  • the satisfaction that comes with continuing education and personal development
PhilosophyCenter | Terms of Study


  Enrollment Period
The enrollment period is four consecutive weeks.

Session Scheduling
Session scheduling must be completed within 24 hours of enrollment. Failing to confirm proposed scheduling may result in cancellation and refund. (See our Policies for full details.) Scheduling is not complete until it is confirmed by PhilosophyCenter. No session can be scheduled prior to online enrollment.

Phoning In
The student should ring the PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line each week promptly at the scheduled time and arrange to be in a place where ambient noise and interruptions can be kept at a minimum for the duration of the call. Note that the instructor will wait ten minutes for the student to arrive on the call, failing which class for that day will be cancelled and counted as missed without notice.

Cancelled or Missed Classes
If the student needs to cancel a scheduled class in a given week, at least 24 hours notice is required. In cases where such notice is provided, the cancelled class will be added to the end of the schedule. Note that this is permitted only once per enrollment period. If the student fails to show up for a scheduled class without notice or cancels with notice more than once, the missed class cannot be made up and is forfeited. Forfeited classes shall not be construed as a failure by PhilosophyCenter to provide services.

Termination of Services
The student may terminate services at any time during the enrollment period with three days' written notice. There is no prorated refund for classes remaining subsequent to the date of termination.

Limited Use
The PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line number provided at the time of enrollment may be used only to initiate session calls during the enrollment period and may not be shared with any third party.

By enrolling, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these Terms of Study.

We adhere to the strictest internal standards of privacy and confidentiality, and will not disclose client identity, information, or session details to any third party.
PhilosophyCenter | Meet Your Instructor   PhilosophyCenter Founder and Director Philip GolabukPhilip Golabuk is an internationally acclaimed author and educator. After completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy at the University of Florida with special studies in existentialism, theory of knowledge, and phenomenology, he taught philosophy at the college level and as part of a community outreach program to inmates in jail and prison. He has written several books in applied philosophy that were published in the U.S. and overseas in translation by national and international publishers including Harper & Row and Ernst Kabel Verlag and reviewed in The Washington Post and Harper's Magazine. In 1993, he founded PhilosophyCenter, subsequently developing a number of courses in practical philosophy as well as leading-edge philosophical facilitating, counseling, and coaching models and methods. Philip is a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association. He is also an accomplished guitarist and ballet dancer, proving that there are philosophers who actually can do things.
PhilosophyCenter | Student Comments   "Eye-opening and game-changing."

"I never realized philosophy could be so practical—and so much fun!"

"This is the real deal."

"College philosophy was never like this! So useful!"

"The session moved me forward and opened me to new ways of thinking, seeing, and experiencing."

"Very, very helpful."

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