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PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ Enrollment
  • problem-specific consulting delivers real-world solutions

  • dialectical approach can yield dramatic and quick results

  • up to two client team members may participate on the calls 

  • designed expressly to support companies, organizations, and governmental agencies




Consultant: Philip Golabuk
one hour-long phone session per week
Enrollment period: eight consecutive weeks
Requirements: phone and email service

Up to two client team members on the call
PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠

See Terms of Service below before enrolling.

Session scheduling must be completed within 24 hours of enrollment. Failing to confirm scheduling may result in cancellation and refund.

PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ Overview
PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠
PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠
  PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠Forward-thinking leaders surround themselves with innovative people who can think deeply and creatively about today's most challenging issues. SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ is a problem-specific, solution-oriented resource that can deliver dramatic and often quick results through a proven dialectical approach that facilitates higher perspectives and taps previously unrecognized wellsprings of inspiration.

SOPHIA SOLUTIONS offers executive, organizational, and governmental leaders the opportunity to realize greater vision, effectiveness, and success through identifying unexamined beliefs and assumptions, resolving contradictions, and revising obsolete choices. The methods we use are designed to deliver near immediate results in tackling even intractable and longstanding problems faced by organizations ranging from mission-critical issues and crisis management to daily operations including productivity, internal and external communication, hiring and firing, performance, morale, motivation, turnover, and team-building. Our approach is maieutic—based on Socratic examination of beliefs, assumptions, and "stories" that each person brings to the workplace, in conjunction with powerful heuristic tools, many of which we developed. This framework sets the stage for profound and lasting shifts in each participant’s sense of buy-in and accountability, opening the way for leaders to realize new levels of efficiency, satisfaction, and commitment in the workplace. The value to any organization in need of these services is inestimable. Even in the short term, the program pays for itself many times over.

PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ Benefits   SOPHIA SOLUTIONS brings game-changing improvements to all areas from organizational culture to the bottom line. Using unique methods developed by PhilosophyCenter, we provide revolutionary consulting with the power to enlighten and inspire today's leaders in organizations, companies, agencies, and educational institutions.

SOPHIA SOLUTIONS can help you and your staff:

  • identify and resolve hidden contradictions and unexamined assumptions that are having an adverse impact in the workplace
  • clarify the next step for your organization
  • bring values, mission, and methods into agreement
  • realize inspired leadership informed by your highest vision through "philosophical accountability"
  • discover new depths of excellence, commitment, accountability, efficiency, and purpose
  • break free of habitual, "default" thinking that hinders better choices
  • experience a renewal of enthusiasm and greater appreciation for the work you do each day, individually and collectively

In addition, our approach offers significant advantages over traditional organizational consulting:

  • 30 years of experience that includes the development of methods unique to PhilosophyCenter and proven in thousands of sessions
  • convenience of teleconsulting eliminates travel and related costs
  • guaranteed session availability through priority scheduling or on-demand access
  • outsourced professional recommendations for organizational change provide for more graceful transitions and implementation of new practices than "on-high" directives
Human relations problems are hidden costs that can quickly erode an organization's profits, morale, and operational sustainability. Whether the issue affecting the workplace is professional or personal, SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ is a powerful and proven investment that can help you make your organizational vision a reality.
PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ Terms of Service   Enrollment Period
The enrollment period is eight consecutive weeks.

Number of Callers
Up to two client team members may participate on the weekly calls.

Session Scheduling
Session scheduling must be completed within 24 hours of enrollment. Failing to confirm scheduling may result in cancellation and refund. (See our Policies for details.) Scheduling is not complete until it is confirmed by PhilosophyCenter. No session can be scheduled prior to online enrollment.

Phoning In
The client should ring the PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line promptly at the scheduled time and arrange to be in a place where ambient noise and interruptions can be kept at a minimum for the duration of the call. Note that the consultant will wait ten minutes for the client to arrive on the call, failing which the session will be cancelled and counted as missed without notice.

Cancelled and Missed Calls
If the client needs to cancel a scheduled call, at least 24 hours notice is required. In cases where such notice is provided, the cancelled call will be rescheduled as soon as possible. If the client fails to show up for the call without notice for any reason, the missed call cannot be made up and is forfeited.

Limited Use
The PhilosophyCenter Direct Access Line phone number provided at the time of enrollment may be used only to initiate session calls during the enrollment period and may not be shared with any third party.

By enrolling, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms of Service.

We adhere to the strictest internal standards of privacy and confidentiality, and will not disclose client identity, information, or session details to any third party.

PhilosophyCenter | SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ Meet Your Consultant
PhilosophyCenter | Our Director
  PhilosophyCenter Founder and Director Philip GolabukPhilip Golabuk is an internationally acclaimed author and educator. After completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy at the University of Florida with special studies in existentialism, theory of knowledge, and phenomenology, he taught philosophy at the college level and as part of a community outreach program to inmates in jail and prison. He has written several books in applied philosophy that were published in the U.S. and overseas in translation by national and international publishers including Harper & Row and Ernst Kabel Verlag and reviewed in The Washington Post and Harper's Magazine. In 1993, he founded PhilosophyCenter, subsequently developing a number of courses in practical philosophy as well as leading-edge philosophical facilitating, counseling, and coaching models and methods. Philip is a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association. He is also an accomplished guitarist and ballet dancer, proving that there are philosophers who actually can do things.
PhilosophyCenter | Client Comments   "Incredibly useful. We’ve come to depend on SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ as an organizational resource."

"The last two calls with you, on top of countless others, were transformational and worth the cost of the entire program. SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ is so different from traditional business consulting. In one hour, I was able to adopt a new mindset and approach to our organization's most pressing challenge. Thank you!"

"Many powerful insights came out of our last session. It was inspiring."

'Unbelievably helpful.'

"Working with Philip as our consultant has been and cotinues to be game-changing."

"Your continuing support is invaluable. We hardly can thank you enough for your guidance and helping us show up more in the truth with open arms."

"Profound and far-reaching. We consider SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ an invaluable partnership."

"Nowadays, leadership has to be more than smart—it has to be wise. Having a philosopher on the team is just what the doctor ordered for what ails today's leaders."

"SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠' insight-based consulting has led to our making decisions from the inside-out in every area of our organization."

"Philip told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear. This is consulting that challenges leaders to show up outside the box of old ways of thinking that aren't working. Indispensable support."

"A single SOPHIA session led directly to our closing a deal the next morning for three million dollars. This is consulting at a whole new level."

"Our SOPHIA SOLUTIONS℠ sessions not only have made me a better CEO, but also and more importantly, a better person."

"Paradigm-changing. Highly recommended."

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